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Chris Hall

I am a seasoned senior engineer and manager, with interests in software and all things Internet.

I was managing director of Locomotive Software from formation in 1983 to its sale to Demon Internet in 1995. The business grew from two of us in Richard Clayton’s back room to thirty-plus employees in smart offices in the Dorking Business Park. We developed from a small software house producing software to order into a software business creating packages for sale to end users.

I held various senior positions at Demon Internet from 1995 through to 2003. I spent two years in New York looking after Internet connectivity. I was Director of Data Services, responsible for all Thus' (current owner of Demon) Internet and data services — from development through to operations. My last position was Network Commercial Director, responsible for all Thus' relationships with other networks and the related £60M budget.

I was recently the founding Executive Director of the Communications Innovation Institute (now called the Communications Research Network) at the Cambridge University Computer Laboratory, where I managed a collection of research projects and, especially, was responsible for the development of industry/university joint working and industry sponsorship.

I have experience of growing a small company from scratch through to trade sale, and many years of designing software systems and programming. I have experience of all types of communications networks — operations, development and commercial. I have particular expertise in both technical and commercial aspects of Internet interconnection. I have lead the evaluation of equipment, design (technical and economic) and deployment of networks. I have evaluated vendors and negotiated purchasing of equipment and services. I have experience of working with academic research and at the (interesting) boundary between industry and academe.

I wrote a statement of Best Current Practice for Internet network interconnections for the London Internet Exchange (LINX), drawing on the experience of LINX members.

I am developing an analysis of the Internet routeing table using data gathered by the RIPE Routeing Information Service (RIS) and other route collectors. This started as a means to rate the effectiveness of Transit Providers and to look at potential Peers. I am currently looking at the validity of routes and levels of aggregation.

I am available for weddings and bar mitzvah. And, if anyone needs it, I write the most exquisite and efficient assembler code !